Make a Real Connection

Share your story with the people you find attractive.

A simple way to connect

A real connection isn’t at first sight - attraction is more complex than that. What draws you to a person, is their story. And the intrigue to find out more, is what keeps you reading it.

Everybody has a story

We saw some trends in the dating app world that were starting to tire us - the relentless swiping and incessant “Hi, how are you?”, making connection impossible. So, with Attrct, it’s all about discovering the people behind the profile - fascinating, beautiful and each telling their own unique story.

Application preview with stories
Application preview with stories

Skip the small talk

Share photos and videos in the form of stories. You’ll share things that say something about you, or just make you laugh - an afternoon exploring a new city, the first batch of cookies you didn’t burn, or a piece of beautiful graffiti, that just deserves to be shared. You can caption and filter your content - before it disappears after 24 hours.

When someone’s story catches your eye, you’ll have the chance to start a conversation by replying to what they have shared. You’ll skip the awkward introductions, introducing yourself with something that matters to both of you.

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